Carbon Fiber House Door

Carbon Fiber House Door is made of carbon fiber board, which is generally made of high-quality carbon fiber raw materials and good basic resins. It has strong tensile strength, corrosion resistance, seismic resistance, moisture resistance, flame retardancy, and other good properties

Carbon fiber wooden door, also known as zero degree unpainted wooden doors, is more environmentally friendly and suitable for places such as schools, families, and children’s rooms.

  • The tensile strength is several times higher than that of steel.
  • High elastic modulus strength, which can reduce deformation and has good corrosion resistance and seismic resistance.
  • The weight is only about one-fifth of that of steel, with a very small load, high safety, and good toughness.
  • Good adaptability to different environments, good acid and alkaline resistance, good durability, and long service life.

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Product Name

Carbon Fiber House Door

Face & Back

Carbon fiber board


Wooden frame filled with particle board or batten


Multiple sizes available for selection, please contact for details


Synchronous Moulding/Line Carving/ Carving and Inlaying


Plastic bag/Carton


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