Insulated Glass

Insulated Decorative DOOr Glass is unique in its attention to detail and craftsmanship. Every piece of beveled glass is cut and polished with rigorous inspection to ensure our stringent quality by design standards are achieved. The patterns used in assembling our decorative doorglass are standard in appearance. Our glass is artistic and individually textured with slight bubbles, lines and surface variations. These are natural characteristics of decorative glass and are not defects.

  • It has a significant energy-saving effect, can reduce indoor air load, and has better insulation effect than ordinary glass, playing a good role in insulation and warmth preservation.
  • Improve the indoor environment. It can block direct sunlight from shining indoors, and prevent discomfort caused by thermal radiation and reduce the glare of sunset sunlight.
  • Rich colors and artistry. There are multiple colors and different pattern combinations to choose from, which can be blended into different colors according to different needs, and can achieve ideal artistic effects, playing a good decorative role in the room.



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